Exact JobBOSS Shop Management Software

As a small to mid-sized make-to-order or contract manufacturer, shop management software is critical to your business. It automates processes, improves efficiency and profits, and provides the foundation for growth.

Exact JobBOSS job management software has led the field for decades because it’s built around the needs of the user, striking the right balance between superior technology and practical affordability. Featuring a robust shop management solution and a broad suite of advanced modules, JobBOSS is your platform for continued growth wherever your business takes you.

JobBOSS Shop Management is a single integrated shop floor control solution that offers complete visibility, access, and job control. As your company strives to stay vital to new and existing customers, you’ll rest easy knowing JobBOSS provides the job tracking tools to keep your shop efficient, productive and profitable today, while positioning you to capitalize on tomorrow.

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Quote to Cash, A Complete and Integrated System

Create Quote

Improve the accuracy of quotes, reduce turn-around time, and factor in every aspect of part cost including routings, labor, materials, quantity breaks, and more. The completed quote can be sent to customers via email or fax without leaving JobBOSS. It's machine shop estimating software that streamlines from the start.

Enter Job

Start a job without rekeying data by copying existing quotes or jobs. Quickly create a job from scratch, or a job traveler to manage the job as it moves from work center to work center. If numerous parts are shipped directly out of finished goods inventory, a streamlined sales order entry process easily ships parts from stock.

Schedule Job

Maximize throughput by knowing exactly where shop problems are before they become serious. Experiment with "what-if" scenarios to explore the impact of changes before you commit the change to the shop floor.

Advanced Scheduling

With an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop scheduling board that does what-if scenarios, finite load leveling, and changing of resources/schedule hours on the fly, JobBOSS helps you spot problems and meet delivery dates. See your entire shop at a glance. Focus on key work centers and critical time frames, and drill into the details of your schedule by job, work center, part number or customer. Put advanced job shop scheduling software to work and see the difference.

Manage Material

Match the supply of material with demand --- view supply and demand on one screen; control your entire inventory through standard inventory management practices built into JobBOSS. Track hardware and supply movement. See how your material costs have fluctuated over time by using a comprehensive history of material purchased for stock or directly of jobs.

Track Labor Costs

Keep track of labor for each job and review powerful costing reports to ensure every job is profitable. In addition, catch "losers” while corrective action can still be taken. Benefit as real-time data collection eliminates manual data entry.

Ship to Customer

Easily note delivery schedules and review shipment history quickly. JobBOSS generates shipping documents including pack lists and shipping labels at the time of job shipment, and robust reporting helps keep track of on-time delivery rate.

Shop Views, Alerts and Stats

View and manage important business activities and data from your shop, and be alerted to changes as they occur.

Review Final Cost

JobBOSS shop floor control software offers powerful and robust cost analysis tools and reports for completed jobs and work-in-progress. Know what every job costs and whether or not you made money. Typical reports compare estimates vs. actual hours and costs as well as maintain part history information.