Beyond Job Control

JobBOSS is the only shop management software with functionality that reaches far beyond simple Job Control to give you even more power within your shop. Modules built for specific functionality needs, integrations with popular third party products, and extensions to the front office Control your shop from quote to cash and everything in between - the right information, right now!


Designed for companies who want to manage their shop, office and finances with one integrated system, JobBOSS Accounting consists of modules such as A/R, A/P, GL and payroll so that you have a complete financial view of your business. With a direct link to JobBOSS Job Control or other popular 3rd party financial solutions, you can monitor overall profitability along with detailed costs for every job.

Synergy Enterprise

Exact Synergy Enterprise is a powerful web-based solution that enables you to integrate, manage, control and improve the way all your people work together through integrated workflows, documents and projects, thus adding value across your business.

Advanced Scheduling

With an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop scheduling board that does what-if scenarios, finite load leveling, and changing of resources/schedule hours on the fly, ShopBOSS helps you spot problems so you can meet your delivery dates. See your entire shop at a glance to focus on key work centers and critical time frames, and drill into the details of your schedule by job, work center, part number or customer.


The drafting design tool used most worldwide by designers is integrated with JobBOSS. You can drop your JobBOSS Material Master items onto your AutoCAD drawing to create a Bill of Material and cut list or, you can build your BOM on your AutoCAD drawing and automatically import it into JobBOSS --- it’s that simple. Reduce data entry time and improve data accuracy.

Quality Management

Managing quality in the job shop is a critical element of maximizing profitability, performance, customer satisfaction, and growth. With JobBOSS Quality by uniPoint you’ll meet ISO 9000, Six Sigma, and other regulatory requirements by automating and managing your business processes through advanced quality management features.

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Currently using Spreadsheets or QuickBooks?

Companies that keep all of their important data in disparate spreadsheets, or even worse count on people, who keep everything in their heads, find JobBOSS is unparalleled in organizing all important business information in one central location. With Exact JobBOSS Professional Edition, you have the option a fully-functional accounting system including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and general ledger. Or, if you are already using QuickBooks and want to stay with it, you can take advantage of the Exact JobBOSS Integration designed for QuickBooks eliminate manual data entry for invoicing shipments from the packing list or integrate cost information from the manufacturing system to vendor bills.