Captive Shops

Captive Shop Software

Challenges you face

As a captive shop, you may provide prototype machining, tooling engineering, fabricating or other custom work to support your main manufacturing facility’s needs. Though part of a larger company, your shop department needs to operate as your own entity when it comes to shop management. You want to justify your productivity and profits as if you operated independently.

With JobBOSS Shop Management Software, you can manage your captive shop as an independent operation. At the same time JobBOSS offers open architecture, giving you the ability to access your data and also tie in with your corporate ERP.

Begin managing as your own entity

  • Do your own shop planning, scheduling and costing
  • Issue your own jobs with detailed routing
  • Manage your own schedules, track real time data and accumulate costing information
  • Monitor shop and employee productivity
  • Serve your own company, as well as track outside work
  • JobBOSS shop management can run on its own with no accounting module requirement or extra steps for accurate job costing.

JobBOSS shop management is the choice of captive shops in industries ranging from automotive to racing to US government agencies. Three branches of the armed services use JobBOSS. Put your shop on the fast track and get control using JobBOSS!

Why captive shops in industries from automotive to racing to the US armed services use JobBOSS

  1. Work order processing to define and track all types of individual jobs, whether single level parts, or complex assemblies, repair, or quick turnaround jobs.
  2. Robust job and shop scheduling to help manage workloads, run what-if scenarios, and optimize shop capacity with scheduling board capabilities and dashboard for real time visibility.
  3. Real-time data collection for up-to-the-minute job status and monitoring of employee time and performance efficiencies
  4. Calculations of actual time and job costing to determine actual job cost with no accounting tie-ins required.
  5. JobBOSS open architecture to allow access to data and tie in with corporate ERP.
  • “Having our own business management software was crucial to our rampant growth and need for speed. We not only produce parts to sustain the cars, we prototype on a daily basis. It’s very intense and very confidential. We do things here that give us a competitive edge on the track. We could not work at the pace we do without JobBOSS.”

    Rick Grimes, Manufacturing Manager
    Richard Childress Racing
    Welcome, North Carolina

  • “We’re part of the U.S. Army, but we run our manufacturing facility like a separate business. JobBOSS monitors our productivity and overall performance. We’ve expanded several years in a row because we’re productive and justify our costs.”

    Jason Schwartzkopf, Shop Supervisor
    US Army

  • “We’re a business within a business. We needed our own ERP system to work lean, fast and profitably. “

    John Hydrocarbon
    Dow Chemical