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Exact JobBOSS

Workflow Management and CRM

Exact Synergy Enterprise (ESE) is a powerful web-based solution that enables you to integrate, manage, control and improve the way all your people work together through integrated workflows, documents and projects, thus adding value across your business. Now on the latest Enterprise platform, JobBOSS customers have the ability to enjoy stronger technical security, easier connectivity, improved usability, easier customizations and the ability to run on a variety of mobile devices.

With Synergy Enterprise, you now have:

  • Improved Workflow Management
  • Enhanced CRM Module
Exact Synergy Enterprise Fact Sheet

Workflow Management

Automate business processes and manage your tasks and communications from quote to cash! Workflow provides you with a single source for automating, managing and tracking all your job and business related processes and information. Errors and lack of accountability associated with manual processes become a thing of the past.

Workflow Fact Sheet


Synergy Enterprise enables you to monitor, understand, manage and maximize sales performance, as well as leverage customer information into long-term customer loyalty and retention. It seamlessly integrates customer data across the organization into one database. Your clients, business partners, employees and vendors are automatically associated to one another and to all relevant and mission-critical business transactions.

CRM Fact Sheet